Olivier Lombard

The Icarus complex

To want to do well we burn our wings

“This work is the fruit of a message that I received personally, intense, total, obvious, urgent. It’s also yours, which I hear in my office every day. We live in a tumultuous era, with an economy in distress, in turmoil, and undoubtedly adrift. We are confused, maddened by so many dark omens. ”
Olivier Lombard, osteopath, expresses through his personal experience how men often tend to go further, always aim higher, at the risk of burning their wings. This is the very logic of burnout, which the author has gone through three times. We are governed by a biological rhythm that we must preserve to avoid exhaustion. Chinese medicine provides us with the necessary solutions and resources. It allows us to find a space of ideal well-being, of balance of yin and yang between reason and unreason. A plea for the return to our deepest self.