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Mes remerciements sincères vont à : Marie-Pierre Dillenseger qui a vraiment été le moteur de ce nouveau site. Ma sœur Saskia Bory Keeley, ses photos ont été mon coup de sérotonine ! Sans elles ce site n’aurait pas cette richesse que je lui dois. Ce site ne serait pas ce qu’il est, c’est-à-dire : mieux que ce que je n’aurais jamais rêvé sans Marie-Fleur Stalder. C'est donc pleine de gratitude que je vous la recommande (

« Some of the biggest questions of the heart unfold as a path … not an answer ! »


As the years pass, my connection to nature becomes a vital necessity. The need to be outside in any weather, in any season.

To hear birds, frogs, and feel the wind; to smell different odors during the year; to see the trees bud and then bloom.

In the Fall, to see the beautiful colors and then during Winter having the confidence that this season is necessary as a resting in order to have a fresh start in the Spring.

Walking on a forest path as we walk in our own lives
With stops
With moments where we are going faster
Where we stop and watch
Where we realize that we are in the woods and we can get out
Again just like in our lives !

I suggest we walk together in nature and exchange while measuring our steps, while feeling what is happening to us in this space. Imagine the energy of Gaia, goddess of the earth with us. And perhaps we will even find four-leaf clovers as the many that I found there.