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Mes remerciements sincères vont à : Marie-Pierre Dillenseger qui a vraiment été le moteur de ce nouveau site. Ma sœur Saskia Bory Keeley, ses photos ont été mon coup de sérotonine ! Sans elles ce site n’aurait pas cette richesse que je lui dois. Ce site ne serait pas ce qu’il est, c’est-à-dire : mieux que ce que je n’aurais jamais rêvé sans Marie-Fleur Stalder. C'est donc pleine de gratitude que je vous la recommande (

"According to Ochwian Biano, the whites were crazy : only crazy people affirm thinking with the head. This affirmation of the Indian chief produced great surprise in me and I asked him what he thought with. He answered me that he ghought with the heart."


The alliance of psychology and technology is now possible through software biofeedback such as HeartMath, which measures fluctuations in the heart rate.

Cardiac Coherence is a management method for stress and emotions widely described in recent years in the press and literature. David Servan-Schreiber is the herald in his pioneering book, "Healing Without Freud or Prozac" and his last "Anticancer" book.

Many websites also speak of this tool: by breathing, we-act on the rhythm of our heart and thus obtain a Cardiac Coherence, that is to say, a balance in our autonomic nervous system between our braking system: the parasympathetic, and our acceleration system: the sympathetic. These two systems act directly and continuously on our organs and thus our heart!

The two small graphs below, which you find on every site evoking the Cardiac Coherence, illustrate better than long explanations, a state of stress versus an equilibrium state called Cardiac Coherence.

You can now actually see on a computer screen your management of stress and emotions. Therefore, learning simple methods you can more easily find or regain a beneficial tranquility.


Technique by which a subject comes to realize the operational procedures of one or more areas of the body, so as to gain mastery. This technique is acquired through the use of an apparatus that can record and transcribe what needs to be changed. This may be the muscular energy, brain waves, blood pressure, heart rate, etc ...