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Mes remerciements sincères vont à : Marie-Pierre Dillenseger qui a vraiment été le moteur de ce nouveau site. Ma sœur Saskia Bory Keeley, ses photos ont été mon coup de sérotonine ! Sans elles ce site n’aurait pas cette richesse que je lui dois. Ce site ne serait pas ce qu’il est, c’est-à-dire : mieux que ce que je n’aurais jamais rêvé sans Marie-Fleur Stalder. C'est donc pleine de gratitude que je vous la recommande (

“I have often made mistakes and had many times to forget what I had learned … for me, scientific research work was never a milk-cow or a means of prestige, but a result of daily psychological experience. Hence not everything I bring forth is written out of my head, but much comes form the heart also, a fact I would beg the gracious reader not to overlook if, following up the intellectual line of thought, he comes upon certain lacunae that have not been properly filled in. ”


What is it that you are looking for in deciding to work on yourself ?
What are you prepared to do in order to get it ?
Adapted from Ellyn Bader - Pete Peterson
The couples institute in Palo Alto

Florence Bory

CH-1295 Mies
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My sincere thanks go to: 

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger who has really been the initiator of this new website.

My sister, Saskia Bory Keeley, whose photos were my shot of serotonin! 
Without her this site would not have this richness I owe to her.

This site would not be what it is, that is to say better than I would have ever dreamed, without Marie-Fleur Stalder
So it is full of gratitude that I recommend it to you. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)